Project Management

Specification is only half the story. Having managed hundreds of successful projects, we know that professional and detailed planning is the key to success.

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Specification and sampling

It is important to leave enough time to allow the right choices of products and finishes to be made. Once orders have been placed it is much more difficult to alter these choices. Aram works hard to encourage clients to make these choices in time so the procurement timing is not compromised.


Projects are usually time constrained, and finishing on time is business critical for our clients. The first task for Aram is to understand the client’s critical milestones and build a realistic, detailed step by step procurement schedule to ensure these critical milestones are met.


Making sure the order is correct is a very critical step and Aram focuses a lot of attention at this stage. Many elements need to be correctly specified so that no mistake or misunderstandings can occur. The Aram purchasing team manages this complexity every day constantly dealing with many suppliers, numerous detailed specifications, complex mixes of materials, bespoke unique pieces, adaptations to existing designs, and so on.

Monitoring progress

The Aram purchasing team maintains a constant and regular monitoring process over all orders associated with every project. In this way we are able to ensure that the timing is maintained, and that any potential production issues are highlighted early enough for us to resolve them with the suppliers.

User Manuals

Once installed on site Aram provides user manuals covering all the items that have been supplied.

Day 2

There are often little snags that need resolving, or staff training on product usage that is required. Some products may also not perform and need repair or replacement. The Aram project team is always on hand to provide that Day 2 support, and for Aram this is just as critical as any other element of the service we provide.