The last stage in every project, delivery and installation to site is critical for our clients and their clients. It is why we pay extra special attention to this on every project.

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Site survey

Aram’s logistics team will survey the site and liaise with the main contractor/client as soon as possible in the process so that we fully understand the delivery and installation requirements. Is access difficult perhaps requiring special equipment? Is access possible in normal hours or only out of hours? What size delivery vehicles should be used, specialist tools, protection of client site, rubbish removal, PPE required, etc?

Risks and Method Statement (RAMS)

The logistics team produce a RAMS for the project so that everyone is very clear about what will be done and how. The RAMS is as detailed as possible covering every aspect of the delivery and installation process. Once agreed by the client all Aram logistics personnel must adhere to this RAMS.


Aram runs its own warehouse and also has the ability to flex the capacity using a few trusted partners with whom we have worked for more than ten years. Deliveries from the numerous suppliers are consolidated into one warehouse and checked so that we can be sure that everything is correct before delivery and installation commences. We are also able to store items should there be delays on site, which can often happen


Coordinating deliveries from numerous origins to site destinations within the UK and beyond requires focus and attention. We may combine direct supplier deliveries with consolidated deliveries via our warehouses; it depends on what makes most sense from a timing and budget perspective


Aram has its own team of experienced installers, and also works with trusted partners specialising in different aspects of furniture installation. Our Logistics Team plan each installation well in advance adapting the method to suit the project and site requirements. All these details are included within the RAMS