Westfield Shopping Towns
LOCATION: Shopping malls: London (White City), Stratford, Bradford, Birmingham, Guildford, Merryhill. Head Office, London
Projects: 2008 - 2016

Westfield has rewritten the rules of shopping mall design and has transformed the shopping experience for millions of consumers. Westfield design, build and run their shopping centres themselves, and they are among the most demanding and challenging clients Aram Contracts has worked with. But they are also among the most stimulating and rewarding clients we have had the pleasure to work with over many years. For Westfield, designing a shopping mall is all about the consumer experience and they are very happy to specify high end designs if these meet their aesthetic demands. Aram's key role in helping specify with Westfield is to source these designs, normally unique for each centre, and also to ensure that whatever items are placed in the centres stand up to the tremendous usage that they will inevitably incur; a chair can have a lifetime's use in six months at Westfield. Project management and logistics are also key as Aram needs to dovetail on site with multiple trades all trying to finish before the curtain goes up; this means often working through nights all week. After installation Aram is able to provide the level of service required by Westfield to maintain the installation in perfect working order, again always at night so nothing mars the consumer's experience.

Westfield London - The Fashion Lounge Chauffeuse armchairs and Lipp sofas are combined with Bao chairs by Walter Knoll