Miyazaki Chair Factory

The Miyazaki Chair Factory collection is now exclusively available in the UK through Aram Store and Aram Contracts.  Established in 1969 in Tokushima, Japan, the company produces wooden furniture to the highest design and production standards.  By adhering to the highest quality criteria in the two fundamental elements of ‘creation’ and ‘technique’, their core philosophy was born: ‘chairs nobody else can make’. Whilst the focus is still on seating, they have since introduced tables in to their range.

Every part that goes to make up each product is manufactured in the factory.  This ensures full quality control over the entire range.  Products have been awarded the Japanese industry ‘Good Design Award’ for the past fourteen years.

The factory began to develop its own designs in 2000 working with designers such as Murasawa Kazuteru, Koizumi Makoto, and Inoda+Sveje. With a focus on innovation – and not being swayed by existing theory of wooden chair design – the chair becomes a thing of beauty, with a sculptural nature that symbolises the fusion of form and material.

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